Missions can be like roughing it at camp. Accommodations are modest, the work place is challenging due to cultural and language differences, GI distress is not uncommon due to the strange environment. 

Those who enjoy different cultures, keep a flexible attitude and have minimal needs love it! Cost varies from year. Trip costs can be offset via personal fundraising and, depending on the donations we get that year, underwriting by HCMM is sometimes available. Please visit our contact page to get more information

Planning schedule

Missions take place 2 weeks in February, one of which is a school vacation week for Hancock County Maine. General meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm at 50 Union St. Ellsworth.

April-Sept                  Early mission planning 
Oct-Nov                     Scholarship student selection process         
November 1                Mission deposit ($100)​
Oct-Nov-Dec              Annual fundraising campaign
                                   Final mission planning 
December                   Mission fee deadline 
Jan. or Feb.                Visit your PCP to get Rx for travel medications
                                   Supplies inventories and packed for travel
What to pack

  • Old clothes you can leave so you have room to bring back purchases.
  • Your regular meds plus Pepto-Bismol, imodium, and cipro prescribed by your provider (antimalarials are sometimes indicated)
  • Favorite snacks for travel, evenings, and work
  • ​We usually stay in modest accommodations with uncertain access to laundry, hot showers, and other modern conveniences, so plan accordingly.
  • Pack light!Internet: maybe

Dos & Don'ts

  • No matter what anyone tells you, do not eat any uncooked vegetables. 
  • Only the inside of fruit may be eaten.
  • Avoid buying food from street vendors.
  • Keep your passport with you at all times. When not in your room, keep it on your person in a holder designed for that purpose, under at least one layer of your clothing. Ditto money.
  • When you go out, go with others. If you do go out on your own, tell others where you are going and when you'll be back, and be sure you are able to tell native speakers where your hotel is in case you get lost.
  • Inform team leaders ASAP if you become ill. Take appropriate measures to protect your health because others are depending on you!
Hancock County Medical Mission ~ P.O. Box 241 Ellsworth ME 04605